Sunflowerdesign has been always focused on global warming problem...we are from Italy and it is lot of time we seeing in our Country how this global warming attachs to our life with storm during the Summer or temperature any year that more snow in our beauty Alpi

We belive that a small artisan production of clothing is in according to the kind of world we want for our family, we don't belive in the intensive production of clothing that at the end of the season are put in the garbage we belive in clothing that lasting.

For our Garments we use only organic cotton taken from small factory here in Italy to preserve the old way of work of the Italian's artisans

We belive that small are better than always bigger and bigger ...

We are so proud to sell in USA and in all over the world because any time we ship an item we really belive to share a small part of our philosophy in the world ...we understand that there are many people who belive in the Artisan world of Handmade is better!