Today've found this great marketing post written from Ed Welch: 

For too long, I have watched organizations destroy their tribe while naively wasting money to replace them. If any of the items on this list ring true – you’re probably destroying your own tribe – one customer at a time.

1. When you have a great product that’s selling well - look for ways to make it cheaper – your customers won’t be able to tell the difference. 2. Never honor a warranty if it’s expired – even if it’s only been expired by one day. 3. Don’t ask for feedback from your customers.  Make them take surveys but never engage them in a conversation with you. 4. Don’t worry about what one customer might tell another – after all, you have millions of them, right? 5. Do everything you can to keep your customers from creating a community – you don’t want them talking to each other. 6. Make your customers wait every chance you get.  They’re not busy like you and it helps them meditate. 7. Always work toward increasing your company’s earnings per share – it’s all that really matters. 8. Make big decisions first – then wait and see how they will impact your customers. 9. Always make sure your employees are underpaid and frowning  – customers will feel sorry for them and buy more products. 10. Don’t waste money having a real person answear  the phone - use the voice menu

Make all you can to be with your tribe is all you have in your business